Monday, July 25, 2011

OMG! It was HOT!!

 Well it was a HOT one at the OMG Urban Flea Market this weekend.  And without a tent we almost melted.  There weren't as many folks out which was a bit disappointing because I think there was more traffic for the first one.  The first one:  threat of storms, strong winds and some sprinkles.  The 2nd one:  Heat wave, no tent, direct sun, bleached products and melted hosts.

But, I will say that we had fun.  Well, I think we did.  I'm actually a little fuzzy on the details.  Hmmm..  We had water, umbrellas, seats, sunburn and a few customers.  I will say that I got to use my handy credit card app for the first time.  So, that was fun.  I sold more product than I did the first time so that might be a good sign of things to come.  Folks seem to love my barrettes.  But, the families with kids were more limited as the day went on.
 Nicole brought a great mix of sewn items from the bags and aprons seen here to lavender sachets and ipad cases.  She had some baby bibs, shoes and miscellaneous bags.  Most of her bags were made with repurposed items (pillow cases, skirts, jeans, etc.) and they all roll away and go in your bag easily.  Great for shopping sprees.  She did really well and everyone loved her creativity.

She brought along her friend Nicole and she had some really great hair pieces.  The feathers went really quickly.  They look so great in your hair.  One tiny fashionista convinced her mother she had to have it.  And, she was right.  It was perfect in her hair.

Well, through wind and rain, heat and heat stroke, we have carried on.  And I'm assuming we will do this again (as long as they'll have us).  Hopefully, cooler, dryer weather will prevail and it will be an even bigger hit.  We will keep you posted.

And, I'll keep you posted as I continue to pursue this.  Look for more items to be added to Etsy soon.  I've got lots of merchandise to put up.  So PLEASE buy a ton so that I can afford to buy a tent.  See you soon.

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