Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Without Community

We go to a great church here in Nashville.  There hasn't been much time in my adult life that I didn't go to a great church.  But, I truly can't imagine the other options.
I always think how great it is that I can study with fun people and Madi can have a great time playing with other kids and being loved on.  This is basic.
But, then there are play groups (like the photo above) where she can try new things at someone else's house and I can hang with all my friends and have a great time.  Such a great break in the Summer heat!
Then there are times like when the flood came and not only was someone from church the first person to show up but then floods of them came throughout the entire week helping us clean, repair and renew.  And they fed us along the way.  When Madi was born, we had meals brought to the house 3 times a week.  And I'm talking full meals.  The refrigerator was always full and I was so thankful.
So what do you do when you don't have that?  The flood comes, FEMA doesn't call back, your family is hours away and what do you do?  I can't imagine having no help with babysitting, new arrivals or trying times.  It just seems so sad to me.  It's so foreign to not have the option of help that I have no idea.
I bring this up for 2 reasons.  One is I'm thankful and the other is I worry.  I worry about those without that have no option.  They are just alone in this world and I think it's sad.  And I worry about those around me that don't have God or a church or that community that it brings.
If you're looking, GO!  Don't just say you really need to try a church.  Try one.  Find it.  Get involved so you can give as you receive.
I just really don't know any other way.

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