Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the East Side: Pad Thai

Yum.  It's so yummy!
I have to tell you about Pad Thai.  It was downtown and moved to the East Side a while ago and it's taken me forever to get there.
Last weekend me and Madi went for dinner while Stephen was out of town with Sixty Four.  (Sixty Four is a Beatles cover band he's in.  I'll talk more on that later.)
Anyway, it was so yummy!  It's quiet and a little out there because it's in the back of a building.  But, if you know where Steve's is, you can find it.  It is in the back along with a hair salon and other little businesses. Yeah for the East Side!
I had the pineapple curry which is their red curry with pineapple.  It was the perfect amount of heat and sweet.  Really nice.  I got Madi a "side" of fried rice which turned out to be huge!  More rice than I was given for my curry.  But, I made sure we took the leftovers home.  They were great warmed up.  Yum.
I had a Thai Tea which I love and it was good.  I will say that it was actually too sweet for my liking.  It killed my ice cream craving for sure and it was so huge that I took most of it home for later.  So, I guess that wasn't so bad.  ha.
Anyway, if you want a taste of the Orient, look no further.  You don't have to get on a highway or cross the river.  It's right here in your own backyard!
Did I say, "yum?"

Check it out here:  Padthai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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