Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flea Market? Yes, Please!

So, OMG (Old Made Good) just moved in up the street a short while ago and I'm so glad they did.  First, they took an old house and turned it into a really cool boutique.  Then they stocked it full up of local goods which is always a good thing.  They offer yoga, fun events (sometimes even booze) and they do it all with a smile and a sarcastic sense which just makes me laugh.

And now they are hosting an Urban Flea Market.  I'm very excited for the chance to sell some goods.  Me and my pal Nicole will get are butts up there and be selling some of our stuff.  It's a great opportunity to just make stuff, hang out and have some fun for the day.  Not a shabby way to spend a Saturday.

Nicole is a great sewer (ha) and will be selling a variety of things from some cool cuffs to baby shoes to aprons, you name it.  She is so creative and may even surprise me with something new.  And, I'll be premiering my new "Knit Monsters" as well as some new handcrafted cards.  I'll have my photo cards, sipper sweaters and some other knit stuff also.  So, you should come!

Until then, I'm working to get everything together.  It's only a week away so I have a lot of scrambling to do.  But, it'll all be worth it in the end.  

May 14th, OMG (Riverside Village) from 8 to 3pm.  Come check out local goods and maybe even some fun food.  Of course, there is always Mitchell's Deli, Sip Cafe and Castrillo's Pizza.  It should be warm and sunny so Mike's Ice Cream is always the answer.

(click the photo for more info)

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