Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farmer's Market Finds

Well, you've all heard me talk about the Farmer's Market and my CSA.  This Summer we are taking off of the CSA.  I'm a little sad, worried and excited. All together.  That just means it is all on me to make do with what is available.

Please know that we will join again and I believe in the CSA and love the thrill of figuring out what stuff is and what to make it into.  But, I thought I would like to do some searching on my own in my own time and that's what we're doing.

Starting with the Farmer's Market.  I've gotten some meat up there from Garrett Farms.  Yum.  There are big deep freezes and you can pick out whatever you want.  The ground chicken was really cool and his ground beef is a great price!

This week I got some Smiley's Strawberries.  Yum!  These are awesome.  Some are the perfect size for Madi to pop in her mouth and she laughs so hard.  I made a bunch of jam also.  We are good for a year.

The one new thing I tried this week was some milk from JD Country Milk. I have never had skim that didn't taste a little like water.  yum!  And, I splurged on some half and half.  Best coffee ever!!!  The milk comes in glass jars that you can return and get a deposit back.  (or refill)

I hope that you are well aware of your local farmer's markets and get to know the folks that bring their local stuff all the time.  You will be rewarded for your efforts.  And, the family will love you too.

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