Friday, May 13, 2011

18 Months. What?

Yep.  Already.  What the what?

Time flies and I wish it would slow down.  Madison is growing and changing and it's just amazing to me how quickly.  She is amazing and unique and already has her own little opinions and attitudes.   She makes us laugh out loud sometimes with her "jokes".  She is Mommy's little helper (a Leiweke trait for sure) and just has to have something to do when I'm busy.  She loves music and dancing and even took center stage the last time Stephen played live.  She gets upset in the studio when the music stops and at the aforementioned live show, she was already chanting for an encore with her 1 finger!

I love her.  I can't believe how much.  Celebrating my baby today!  Happy 18 months!

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