Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Green: Baby

Since I have had a baby I've realized there are so many new and fun ways to "go green".  Here are some I've done.

Cloth diapers.  You've heard me speak before of my love.  I love and love.  Yes, I'm washing them every other day.  Yes they have to hang dry in my kitchen.  Yes, they can be gross to handle.  But my love of them ignores all of this.  And, there will be a smaller pile of disposables in landfills with my name on them.  Also, I'd suggest the eco friendly little bags you can buy to throw away the disposables.  They are more expensive and there are less, but when you use cloth, you don't need them as often.  I've had the same pack since Madi was born and I still have more to use.  The little rolls you put in the cute containers are cute but I prefer these.

One thing I didn't want was a kingdom of plastic taking over the house.  You know what I mean.  The plastic kitchen with all the plastic toys, plastic living room stuff also, plastic play room and the plastic high chair with all the gizmos.  So, we started with a wooden high chair.  It transforms to a stool/chair later and anyone can sit in it.  So, score, score!  I have tried to limit her electronic/plastic toys.  I've left them to others to purchase.  We try to buy wooden and even more "retro" toys when possible.  Like our Melissa and Doug favorites.  Puzzles, books and stuffed dolls are MOST of what she has.  Yes we have some electronic, light up toys that drain batteries but I do feel there is a need for some of that.  She loves them but we just don't base everything around that.

When Madi started solids, I made her food.  So easy to do really though it sounds daunting to some.  I can proudly say that I never once bought formula OR baby food.  The most baby food I purchased was cereal (which is actually not hard to make yourself and I might next time).  But I was thinking nutrition and taste because I've tasted the stuff myself.  When they make a game out of guessing what the baby food is and grown adults can't figure it out from tasting..  that's not a good sign.  But, the reality is, there would have been a lot of glass and plastic to recycle.  A LOT!  But, I avoided all of that.  Bought some things that I will use again so there was no waste.  (and Madi reaped the benefits of mostly locally grown veggies, fruits and meats that even Mommy and Daddy could eat)

I hope that this encourages you to try being a bit more green!
Happy Earth Month!

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