Friday, April 1, 2011

Melissa and Doug, My Love!

Have I told you how much I love Melissa and Doug toys?  If you aren't familiar, where have you been?

These toys are non toxic, mostly wood and very retro fun.  I love the ideas behind so many and am learning about new ones every day.  I own several but I specifically want to tell you about my duck walking toy.

So, Madi has loved it since I bought it but just recently has learned how to actually use it.  When it moves, the wheels turn and this flaps the wings.  I love it.  Recently, my Mom said, "she looks like some kid in the 40s".  Perfect!

Madi carries the duck everywhere and tries putting it places it doesn't belong but it's always welcome.  It's taking a beating but is holding up just fine.  I love it.  I hope it at least makes you curious.  The same toy comes with different animals that do different things.  I stuck with the classic duck.  Madi just loves it.  I'm sure your little one will too.  And, with a good price tag of $15 - $25 it's truly a great buy!

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