Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Much

Do you have this problem?  My mind is always running.  I want to do too much.  In all areas of life.  It's exhausting..

Like, for example, let's just look at right now.  I want to complete some home projects.  I need my very busy husband's help.  I want to sew some stuff.  I need to learn to sew better.  I want to start a veggie garden.  I need somewhere to put it.  I want to make sure my daughter is learning and on schedule.  I need to relax a bit.  I want to do a lot, eh?

I want a garden outside.  Both kinds.  I want veggies, fruits and herbs.  Plus, I'd like to have some great shrubs, flowers and plants.  All that have a reason to be there, ya know.  I hate weeding, let's admit that.  I want to get all locally grown and produced items.  I have no job really making any money, so, we'll see..  I want to make my own business by things that I make and sell.  Not working.  Been trying that for awhile.  I want to be acting.  But, I have no time really to make it worth the effort and no time to leave Madi at home.  She's not old enough to stay home alone, right?

I want to be working out consistently and making great healthy meals at home.  I want to make a big deal of every holiday so what should I do for St. Pat's?  I want to make some fun cards for Easter but just keeping finding that I need a few more items.  I want to take Madison out for more walks but the weather isn't always cooperating.

Anyone out there feel me?  I'm going to go lie down and breathe in and out for a bit.  Funny how when I want to do way too much.  I can't really do anything at all.

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