Monday, March 7, 2011

Retro Mod Gotta Have: Old Rug Style

I have had rugs in my kitchen for years now and they all have rubber backs.  The problem is that after washing and drying (or not) for a bit, the back comes off and eventually fills my machine and whatever towels might be in there as well.
So, I opted for no rubber backs with rugs that are a bit old fashioned for me.  Your Mom's old woven rugs.  Remember those?  Except these are a bit more "fancy".  Ha.  They have a nice seam on the sides and come in so many options.
I've always had one color and these are multi which I will say, frighten this conservative gal.  But, to my surprise they actually bring a nice warmth to the room.
Not expensive, available in several sizes at one of my favorite spots, World Market.  So, scoot on out if you're in need.  I feel good about the fact that there is no rubber backing though I will say we bought some rubber lining for rugs and placed them underneath so there is no scooting.  Love it.
Happy March.  Hope you're thinking "Spring Cleaning" because I'm just getting started!
(By the way, I'm aware that the child safety lock is open in this pic.  Sadly, it's the only one we have and Madi really is good about not opening things.  So, sometimes, it's wide open too.)

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