Monday, March 14, 2011

National Craft Month

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This is it!  Have you got any fun crafts you're working on?  Or are they still raw materials in a box on the table waiting until you have time.  Well, I know I'm getting to this post a bit late, but there is still a lot of March to be had.

I am working on many things right now.  Lots of cards.  My Valentine Tea has inspired me to make more cards.  I've bought a bunch of new supplies and tools and am excited about making some more.

I also have about 3 projects to knit which I will get on asap.  I just wrapped up one last week and decided to take some time off since I was on a timeline with the last 2 so I was stress knitting.  Ha.

And lastly, I have a couple of home painting projects to get on and I'm determined to do them this month.

Ahh..  good thing it's National Craft Month or I'd just look like a crazy person. (right?)

What is on your list?

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