Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's been a while

Man, I've been really slacking.
I keep thinking, OH!  I need to blog about that.  But, I've blogged about nothing.  Ugh.  This winter is just hanging on and my brain is still trying to thaw.
So much has happened and I think I've just been too busy.  Madison is growing and changing.  She's slowly starting to talk, she's just so funny and has such a great little personality.
I've painted a magnetic chalk board for her in the kitchen which I will blog about later (right?).  And, we've been working on redoing the living room.  We turned a door into a window and still haven't finished fixing up our ceiling since the flood.  It's pretty white trash.  Ugh.  Some day soon.
Last week I think all our yearly Dr. visits seemed to gang up on us so there was a lot of running around and yet feeling like we did nothing.
New water tap installed in the kitchen so we don't have to use a filter pitcher anymore (yeah).  Only took 3 days (don't ask).  I have had a makeup (cover) gig that was fun.  Madi has spent time with sitters and loves it.  And, she is loving the nursery and gets excited when I mention it.

And, the best news of all was that we dedicated Madison at church this last Sunday.  So sweet.  Thankfully, lots of family got to come down and join in the festivities.  Madison was spoiled by all the faces, hugs and gifts and we are very honored to have all these friends and family that care so much.  It really was a special time and we have lots of great memories of the entire weekend.  It's a huge undertaking and a bit stressful to know that we've committed to raising her in a Christian home and will teach her all we can about the Lord and trusting Him.  It's a lot.  But, so is making sure she goes to school, brushes her teeth and is happy in life.  Parenthood is hard and it's the biggest job I can imagine.

And now, back to laundry.

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