Sunday, February 6, 2011

These Darn Socks

I love to knit socks. Love it. I don't know why but I enjoy the torture of the 4 or 5 needles, the twisted stitches, the upside down looking at things. I don't know.

I get that others find it annoying and as one friend said, "I'd need another needle to poke my eye out with" (thanks, Jan). But, I love it. Now, my first pair didn't go so well. They're a little off and I stitched up the toe on one backwards. Imagine the seem running from the top to the bottom of your foot, not across your toes. After washing, the wool has balled up all over in white, furry balls. Very attractive. But, they were my first socks and I love them.

I taught myself to darn the socks when they developed a whole on the sole. Never did it before but knew it could be done. So, it worked perfectly, I learned a new skill and the socks live on.

Now tonight, I almost tripped and dropped my daughter as I walked into her room and hit a nail on the door strip between hers and the kitchen. Yep. Ripped a hole in the heel. As I took them off I'm starting to think, "is it time to just put them out of their misery?" I'm so much better at it now. My other socks can tell you all about it. I'm just a little attached to these poor ugly things that it's getting ridiculous. Ugh.

How about you? Any weird attachments? Any advice? By the way, they're the warmest socks I have!!!

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  1. I have "emergency warm socks" that I keep under my pillow. They are meant to be worn when skiing, but I LOVE them for really cold nights. The problem is they have to be hand washed, and so I save them for only emergencies. I let Jeff wear them once. That's love.

    Perhaps you need to keep your favorite pair under your pillow:)



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