Thursday, February 17, 2011

Retro Mod Gotta Have: Leftovers are a Snap!

So, I've been looking into getting new "tupperware" type stuff for the house. We have had the same set since we were married and sadly, some have blown up from being stuck in the microwave and others are just looking rough. I recently got really worried about BPA and looked into what we had. They "shouldn't" have any BPA in them but I still wanted something new.

Here is what I sought:
-Lots of different sizes affording us small packages and BIG
-Easily stackable and storable
- Earth Friendly
- Glass

I figured my best option would be glass. I could bypass the whole BPA thing and use in the microwave without any disfigurement. Figured they'd do double duty. Here's the letdown: Glass bottoms mean slipping and sliding on my glass refrigerator shelves and they all come with plastic lids. Didn't like either of these. Also, if you drop one from the slippage, it'll break and could hurt someone. This didn't quite fit into my plan. (my disclaimer here is I am sure I didn't find the glass with glass lid that you have and I'm sorry.  But, these do come in glass I'm just not sure they have nonslip bottoms)

While watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS one day (love this) I saw a product review for storage containers and their winner was snapware. It's plastic, BPA free, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, they are stackable and the lids have snaps on all four sides. They liked it because of the variety of sizes and the seal seemed to work better after many washes in the dishwasher. Hmm.. Then I received a coupon at Costco for $5 off a 38 piece. What? I'm figuring that'll run me @ $35 to $40. They were $20 (with said coupon)!!

I love them. They are simple and sturdy. I dropped one today and nothing spilled out at all. Awesome. Some of you might not consider them "green" but since I'm reusing them and they are BPA free, I do.

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