Friday, February 4, 2011

Retro Mod Gotta Have: Cloth Diapers

Yes, I've gone on and on about my cloth. But, I got my new diaper covers the other day and all is squared away. They sent me the new BumGenius 4.0 since the 3.0's are discontinued. Let me tell you how much I love them.

The size is a little bigger and the velcro is really amazing! I have an older washer with the agitator in place and I always came out with a chain of diapers. That is no more. These laundry tabs stay connected so well. It's great because that will help prevent a lot of the pilling I saw before or rough spots, little tears, etc. The velcro stays put and I love it.

I haven't been drying the covers since that was my problem before. My dryer is older and basically has a no heat setting, a low (basically no heat) and permanent press. So, either I'd dry them 4 times on low defeating my eco friendly try or I was apparently frying them on permanent press. But, now I leave them to hang dry and I'm surprised at how quickly they dry. It doesn't take them forever. So, you could wash them before bed and by morning, they are ready to be stuffed and put away.

I had one diaper come to me damaged (one leg's elastic was broken) but they re-issued a new one right away. When they did they actually sent a full diaper. So, I've gotten to see the new inserts which are definitely bigger too. All to accommodate bigger babies. But, I don't notice them being too big for mine. Just FYI.

Anyway, I'd also suggest buying directly from Cotton Babies. They are so wonderful there, know what they're talking about and it's so much easier to be steered in the right direction, return and be compensated so easy! They come with a 1 year warranty which was my saving grace. Also the fact that though they were purchased in August, they had in the system my due date was November. So, they based it around that. So amazing.

One last note. Before receiving my new diapers, Madi had a leaking problem at night. She sleeps with her bum in the air and I tried 3 or 4 different diapers, different ways of putting on the diapers (up one size, doubling, etc.) but that is now resolved. Just a normal cloth diaper with one hemp insert folded in half. That's it. So, she doesn't need anything fancy. I have just chosen the white ones to stuff for night time. And that's that. No leaking. Thank the Lord!

Money shouldn't be a problem. That's so silly to me. People happily pay $40 for a box of diapers to last them a few weeks. Pay the $200 - $250 and be done with it. They have trade in programs for when you're done so even if you don't like them, there are ways to get money back. They also have used ones that you can buy. Repair kits if you need them. Go check them out. They are worth every penny.

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