Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Weekend View: Hot Stuff

This weekend I had a great little get together with some crafty gals.
They all converged upon the Leiweke house at about 2pm on Sunday. We had tea. Sweets were consumed. And, oh yeah! We crafted!!

Now, the biggest disappointment in all of this was that I intended to document the event with photos. But I have to say that I got so excited I completely forgot. So, sadly for you, you can view the preparty and Madi's after party. Ha.

I had 2 hours designated but as it turned out we went late. Shocker. Even some of us went to dinner afterwards. Completely oblivious to the fact that it was Superbowl Sunday, by the way. We made Valentine's.

I had intended on us crafting whatever. Knitting, jewelry, decorations for the holiday, whatever. But, it turned into an all out card making extravaganza. Valentine's, birthday, all occasion, thank yous. Just whatever card your heart desired. We talked, laughed and shared our skills. Okay, so really just Wendy Lee shared her skills and Nicole didn't talk (apparently, crafting is very serious business).
It was a success and I can't wait for another opportunity to host such an event. Basically, any little holiday that I come up with.


  1. i love the card with the owl! your little girl must like the cards as well, she seems to have a hard time picking her favorite :)

  2. Thanks. I bought those at Michael's for a friend who loves owls. They worked great. This party was such an inspiration and I've bought more tools to do greater things.


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