Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Into the Great Wide Open

Madi is just beside herself with the amount of new fun stuff to do outside now that she is fully mobile.  It's amazing to watch her burn up energy at the speed of light.  Running around, falling, getting dirty, throwing leaves, breaking sticks, crawling across concrete.  All of which basically ruined her brand new shoes that I had to buy her.  Ugh.

She has always loved the outdoors.  She really does.  Every time we go for walks, she is singing and laughing at herself or about...  I have no idea.  But, when we walk with our friend Nicole, we'll be talking and she'll stop and just say, "it is so cute when she just talks and coos to herself".  She does.  Don't know why.

Now, she runs to the door when I say we're going outside.  She wants to run and fall and just giggle.  Thanks to the break in winter's weather, we've been out more, walking more and free to be outside.  This weekend was so warm and we let her run around for at least an hour.  She even sat in her chair outside with Mommy and Daddy.  Sucking her thumb still, of course!

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