Monday, January 24, 2011

Retro Mod Gotta Have: Origins Skincare

So, I've used it before and am falling in love with it again. If you haven't looked at Origins in awhile, go take another glance. I love their green practices and their pure ingredients. No fake scents (which I'm sensitive to) and no animal products. My only complaint is that I know some of the prices are a bit higher than we'd all like. Realistically, they're in the middle of simple packaging and high end so it's not super expensive, but I know my budget and all my mommy buds out there. I get a discount, so it makes my life a little easier...

Anyway, I've been using some of their products lately and wanted to tell you all about them. I have somewhat sensitive skin. If I use too many things or too strong I get even more blotchy, uneven, skin. I have thin skin so when I'm red and blotchy, it's really bad. I love their moisturizers. The Night a mins is a fave and I use the eye one for night time. I like to buy when they are giving things away and honestly, they're always giving away something, so you get to try it. The Dr. Weil products are awesome but are on the higher end of what they carry. Their micro dermabrasion is awesome because it's a rice base which means there are no sharp edges rubbing on your sensitive skin. It's all curved edges which is much gentler.

Here's how I'd say you can get buy on a budget. My favorite cleanser is "Clean Energy". This is an oil cleanser for all skin types. DO NOT be afraid of oil if you have oily skin. Most oily skin products strip your skin and therefore can actually cause more breakouts. This doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. Rinse with water and use a toner if you'd like for oily skin. For dryer skins, pat dry with a washcloth or cotton pad. But, I can tell you, it doesn't cause blackheads, acne or anything. Just soft skin and it'll remove ALL makeup because oil breaks down oil. And, it smells amazing! For @ $19, that's not bad because it lasts a LONG time. Just a couple of pumps, apply, let sit (if removing makeup) and then make it wet, it rinses right off.

If you're using makeup with spf in it, then you could possibly get by with only one moisturizer. For am and pm. I also think you could find one eye cream that would be a mid road for both am and pm. You could spend around $30 for a moisturizer but most last @ 2 years so it won't go bad on you. You could possibly get your regimen down to a few basics that do double duty. Then, you could splurge on a specific serum to help any trouble zones. Either one for night time skin recovery or daytime for acne t-zone issues. One I love is the Dr. Weil's Mega Mushroom skin relief. If your skin is irritated at all, apply and instant relief. It's amazing. The whole line keeps your skin soft and amazing!

Remember that Spring is coming soon. It's a good time to check your products. You don't want to use them if they're too old. Spring and Fall are great times to replace and address new problems. But, you may only have to tweak the serum if you have those good basics. Think about it and do your research before you listen to the magazines and get ALL new everything with the new season. Don't waste your time, energy and money.

Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, etc. I love to hear them!

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