Thursday, January 13, 2011

Retro Mod Gotta Have: NARS the Multiple

So I'm trying to get back to telling you about products, etc. so the first is Makeup!!

I get a professional discount with Nars and right after Christmas they made it even bigger for a bit so I had money burning a hole in my pocket! Ha.
I have been thinking lately about needing a multi use product. For the days of laying around (snowed in) and just wanting a dab of makeup. I have already bought a new concealer to stick in the drawer but wanted some color. In walks, "The Multiple".
I ordered the color "Maui" and I LOVE it. It's got a creamy texture and some shimmer which actually scared me. But, it goes on matte with a slight sheen. More highlight than glitter if you follow.

It's perfect to blend with my fingers and I even dab a little on my eyes (for some warmth) and on my lips. It is sort of dry for me so I add a lip balm or shimmer gloss. Just something. The goal for me was just to warm up my face but not actually put on tons of makeup or pull out my 50 brushes.

Anyway, choose whatever you'd like but I think that Maui is a pretty universally flattering color.
Check it out here

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