Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Sun Is Shining!

Wow. I have actually loved the snow this year.  And, I'm not claiming that it's over.  But, I will tell you that I've dug myself into a hole and I'm now trying to climb out.
I don't know about you but yesterday was it for me.  It was just a weird day from the beginning.  I felt weird.  Thought I was getting sick.  Couldn't really get up and the worse part was I didn't care.  I called Stephen over at dinner and just told him I needed his energy to make it through the rest of the day.  Just didn't feel like doing anything.
I wasn't sad, mad or stressed.  Normally when I feel this way, there is something troubling me and I'm over thinking it.  Nope.  Just didn't want to be up yesterday.
But today the sun is shining.  I was so excited when I woke up but then found myself staring at the pantry wondering what to have for breakfast.
That's when my amazing husband suggested I just get out.  Take Madi and go to breakfast.  And, we did.
Just up the street, but the perfect release.  Today will be better.  The sun is shining!  I don't claim to have S.A.D. or anything but we all know that the dark winter weather can sometimes get the best of you.  I always try to give in.  Have hot chocolate, coffee, cuddle up.  But, maybe you should do the opposite.  I say if you're sick of the cold and dark, turn all the lights on.  Turn up some music (and maybe the heat) and have a milk shake.  OR some tropical frosty drink.  We all need something to get a break from the blahs.
Tell me what helps you.


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