Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knitting Again (and it feels so good)

Here's to 2011! The Christmas season got me knitting again. I want to knit more. I think I got in a funk of knitting because I "needed" to or "should" so I can sell stuff and I don't function well that way. I get bored.
This Christmas, I made some gifts and some socks for Madi. Of course, I made one sock in St. Louis and finished the other yesterday. They're cute, imperfect and she'll barely wear them but it's only a twinkle of socks to come! Oh and I apologize for the bad photo. I promise to push on that creative door again this year also.

I have other projects I'm looking to knit in the coming months and I'll keep you posted. I may even try cables. oohh.......
But, until then I will continue to be inspired by others, colors and patterns I see. Things that spark my creativity and push me to say, "i can make that".
I can tell you that since making her socks I've remembered how much I love making socks. Oh! I also darned my first sock this winter. What? That's right. And, I have to say it is great to wear this pair yet again. Warm and cozy as ever.

I hope that your creative spark is reignited with this new year. It's time to start fresh. So, get out there and get going.

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