Monday, January 17, 2011

Bum Genius: Pure Genius

So, I've talked before about my cloth diapers. I've spoken their praises a lot. What you don't know is that around last August, they started leaking. And, leaking.. and leaking...

I went through about 2 months of adjusting the size, changing the inserts, adjusting how I fastened them, everything. And to no avail. I then spent about 2 months stripping them, reading online about possible reasons/fixes. I read about different tricks that people did and how they were now "fixed". I tried all kinds of tricks. I went through 3 different types of detergent. Our water bill for October was RIDICULOUS. So, then, I went to the source.

Bum Genius were created by a team of women in St. Louis. I love supporting the home town team and this was the winning attribute for me. I've been to their "Cotton Babies" store in St. Louis. I love it. So, I emailed and started a dialogue with them. After countless accusations (on both sides), scrubbing each cover with a toothbrush (no lie) and more trips through the laundry machines, we finally figured out a POSSIBLE problem. The PUL. Now, so you know, that's the inside of the cover. The waterproof layer. It is shiny and smooth but when it's ruined, it's sort of like a logo on a t-shirt. It splits and cracks. It was so small, I didn't notice.

She asked how long I'd had the diapers because there is a one year warranty and I could submit the diapers for review. Well, I have to say, they were bought early for my shower, etc. but at least they enter the due date, so it was BARELY within the parameters. I submitted the diapers and really was just hoping they'd give me $25 towards new ones or something.

Well, I got the email that the PUL was shot in all and it's probably my fault from drying so warranty voided. BUT, the laundry tabs are defective so they will be sending me new product. I was unsure of what they meant. Am I going to have to sew on laundry tabs? Nope. Turns out they're replacing all of my covers and sending me back my liners. WHAT??? Yep! I'm getting my diapers replaced. And, I'm so thankful. I am really missing them. I can't imagine using disposables all the time. The stress of just keeping up with purchasing is enough to drive me nuts. And, I've tried several different kinds to finally figure out what I like. It's insane!

I am writing this to encourage those of you who are frustrated with your diapers. This company is amazing and stands by their product. It only cost us about $20 to ship them all in and they got back to us in a timely manner and we couldn't be happier. Go cloth! Go St. Louis! Go Cotton Babies!

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