Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Weekend View

This weekend I saw it snow here for the first time.  No accumulation, but it counts.

I saw Madi experience the Christmas tree going up and all the ornaments.  She played with a Jack in the Box for the first time and wasn't as surprised as I was.

I played "Ring Around The Rosies" for the first time with Madi and got to see her laugh and 'fall down'.

I watched Madi enjoy her new snack time and watched some Christmas cartoons with her.  She even laughed when it was funny.

I saw more and more how Madi is growing up.  Stephen even anchored her shelf to the wall so there will be no more bunnies falling on her head.

In the cold, I didn't see much outside our four little walls.  But, it was even a sweeter view.

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