Monday, November 8, 2010

My Weekend View

This was a quick weekend.  Lots of stuff going on but it didn't seem like enough rest was taken.  As usual..

This weekend I saw Madi scoot herself while standing from one end of the tub to the other to reach a toy.  She wasn't in the water, outside while I was filling it up.  But, she was scooting and it was just as impressive.

I said goodbye to my hubby for a bit while he goes off to work.  I know he needs to and he'll have fun.  But, I'd rather him stay and be Madi's guide as she drags him around the house looking at everything.   I love to watch that.

On the highway, I saw Santa's sleigh being hauled in the back of a red Chevy pick up truck.  I'm not sure where it was headed or who the couple was hauling it.  There was a trailer attached but I'm not sure if the reindeer were inside or what.

At a light, I saw the car behind me.  A man driving and a woman in the passenger seat.  The man was playing a mean drum solo to some song that I couldn't hear.  But, he did take a second to kiss the yipey mini something or other dog that was on his lap.  The woman stared ahead blankly.  She seemed as unimpressed as I did.  Of course, I'm not supposed to be...

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