Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday: Christmas 2010

So, about now you're starting to trim up the tree, bake yummy goodness and FREAK OUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO PRESENTS BOUGHT!!!

Okay, calm yourself and realize the true reason for Christmas and just relax. Fix a glass of eggnog (or your holiday drink of choice) and turn up some tunes. I have some great ideas to make your spirits a little more bright! And, it might just cross some folks off your ever growing list.

Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas is a great album for the holidays. Lots of upbeat tunes, it'll add some disco fun to the season. Great for when you're trimming the tree or just having a dance party with the little elves in your family. They'll love all the different songs that they remember from Christmases past and the new ones Yancy has come up with are a great new addition to your traditional music. Take a listen and you'll believe it's an instant classic.

This is another great CD from a great artist. Erin's vocals are just amazing and this Jazzy Christmas really showcases her abilities. She also has a good mix of old faithfuls and some great new songs like, "Christmas Kiss" that you'll love. My favorite on this one is that she does "Christmastime Is Here" from Charlie Brown. AND it's actually done in the same key as the cartoon. Ha! Go, Erin! Anyway, please take a listen. I love this album!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention classics in my home. Like Elvis Presley, Harry Connick Jr and Brenda Lee. You can't live without those. I have all of Harry's and they're all great. Though "Harry for the Holidays" is probably my favorite.

One more idea before I go, Fundamental Elements are giving away 2 great Christmas tunes. Yes, at Christmas, don't we love the word, "free". We do. Go check them out and you'll love to add their bluesy funk to your Christmas lineup.

One more new one: Sheryl Crow's "Home for Christmas". Just bought it and listened to it the other day. I have great video of Madi shaking her tushy to some Sheryl. So, it's definitely worth a listen.

Hope this helps in your Holiday rush. Above all, take time to enjoy every minute and your families this time of year. You'll regret it if you get too caught up in the madness!!
See ya.

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