Monday, November 22, 2010

How Quickly a Year Goes By..

I cannot believe that Madi just had her 1 year birthday party. I cannot tell you how quickly the time flies. All the years she was not a part of my life and this one flies quicker than all of those combined.

We celebrated a little late because Stephen's work had him out of the country on the actual date. But, a celebration it was!

She had lots of friendly faces around and received many congratulations and amazing presents. We feel very blessed. And, don't think she slacked in the cake eating department. She dove in like a champ. Chocolate EVERYWHERE! It was too fun.

The goal this time was not to go too overboard. I think we hit a perfect balance and it was fun for all, the scene was well set and the goodies were yum (if I do say so myself).

I can't help but feel grateful and at this time of Thanksgiving, I am thanking God always for this little gift. I get to share in this life and I couldn't ask for anything better. Madison, here's to many more to come! I love you, big girl!

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