Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Fall Weekend

It was a nice and relaxing weekend over here. Don't know about you. We enjoyed the sunny and warm Saturday by going out to lunch together. Just the three of us. It was nice and easy and relaxing.
Then, we had a quiet and simple warm but overcast Sunday. Even though it was warm, the wind was whipping the leaves around and it still felt like Fall. Stephen went up to the coffee shop and got me a milkshake. We have a great place that makes their own ice cream and then they add a shot. Yum! And, it was Pumpkin Pie ice cream. Ha! Perfect. I had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. You can say, I'm in the mood, alright.

Sunday was also the day that "Foxy" showed up on our doorstep.
That's what our neighbor named her and I had told Stephen that she looked like a fox. Just hanging out all afternoon. You could tell she was older, she was nervous and hungry. Stephen saw her and gave her some water which she gulped to the bottom. Then, he came to get me and Madi and a hot dog. ha.

Well, after taking a picture and posting to the East Nashville listserv, I felt we had done all that we could and hopefully, she wouldn't run away until we could figure something out. Then, Stephen called and said we should come say goodbye to her because her owner was coming. What?

My wonderful husband decided to check Craigslist and there was her owner. Apparently, "Foxy" was "Taylor" but whatever. She was in much better spirits when we played with her this time and Stephen said she had been excited since he had the owner on speakerphone. She recognized her voice. When the girl showed up and opened the door, Taylor took off and jumped right in the car. It's amazing how you can tell when a dog has an owner and when it's a true stray. Couldn't believe the way her behavior changed. We know when we are loved and when we are lost. Apparently, they are new to town. Hopefully, Taylor's curiosity will keep her safely within her yard next time.

It made to a happy ending to a great weekend.

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