Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farm Fresh Fun and other Fall Festivities

Well, it's THAT time of year again! My favorite: FALL!

We have been so busy with life and I've so neglected my blog. I actually miss it. But, I've been trying to get stuff done and that normally means shutting off my internet connection because it's addicting and suddenly, a day is spent. My moments are precious and few now, so, sorry I had to cut you off! Ha! The 4 of you that are reading....

This year I wanted to try a farm in Nashville. Somewhere to be spooked local. We went to Lucky Ladd Farms. It was actually really nice. It was hot out, but they can't help that. There were lots of animals to look at and tons of fun activities for the kids. There was even a magic show and good treats. It was decorated very fun but I was disappointed at the small amount of pumpkins and the lack of a "patch" to really go to. And, there is an admission price of $8 just to enjoy the outdoors.

I did make it home to St. Louis to visit my FAVORITE place that we've been going to for years. If you know me, you've heard of Eckert's. This place is in Belleville, IL. My family has been going there for decades. My grandma used to take my Momma and kids there and when we were little she started taking us. She'd buy us all our own pumpkin.

This was Madi's first time. So, I wanted to start our own traditions. This measuring stick seemed to do the trick. I'll get to see her grow through photos of course! It was my nephew's first time too. They both rode the wagon to the patch like pros. No fussing or crying. Madi was just looking around taking it all in! My niece went on a pony ride and there were many other animals to touch and feel. There was a bird sanctuary and big slide. Lots of rides. Those items did cost some money but otherwise the admission is free! I LOVE this.

Eckert's built a new grocery store. They've always had one where you can get amazing local produce and packaged products from all of their locations. I spent a bunch of cash on apples for making apple butter, pies, etc. But, they're so good! Anyway, the new location is GORGEOUS! So great. Wish I lived closer to enjoy the cooking classes and other great things. But, I'll visit again. My Grandma only lives a few blocks away!

Nana bought Madi a pumpkin. It's proudly displayed in her room. And, Gigi (Great Grandma) bought her a cute Halloween giraffe beanie baby. Just precious. All in all, we've enjoyed the Fall weather and are trying to take in every opportunity.

I will get better at blogging. I have a lot to tell you. But, I don't love long blog posts. Sorry for this one.

Tell me what your favorite Fall activity is!

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