Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Next Summer..

I can't wait until next Summer. I'm not a Summer gal, but this was Madi's first, so there were many things I paid attention to.

While taking pictures of her, I thought, I will miss photos with the golden sun on the green grass. I will miss sitting out in the yard on a blanket playing in the grass and experiencing all those textures for the first time.

I'll miss our daily walks to the creek and to the mailbox. Although, we can still do it in winter, it won't be without bundling which may just not make it happen as often. I'll miss her squinting into the sun as we walk. Miss walking up the street for ice cream and iced coffee. I'll miss shopping and running in and out of stores enjoying the blue skies and sunshine!

I'll miss seeing her kicking in the pool with excitement and her cute little one piece suit. I'll miss her eating all those fresh fruits from the Farmer's Market. And, strolling around at the Farmer's Market as long as we want.
I'll miss seeing her discover flowers and eat them. And, I'll even miss swatting mosquitos away from her. The grilling out and our evenings having dinner with the gorgeous sunlight that only comes into our kitchen in the Summer. I'll miss that yummy glow. Well, NEXT Summer.

Fall and Winter have their own adventures that I am excited about. But, just thought I'd take a second to reflect on Summer..

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