Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Non-Labor Weekend

I hope that you got out and about this last holiday weekend.  Stephen and I actually did!  We don't get many holidays around here with his work, but we made it happen this time.
Besides the 2 hours of traffic that we hit, making it impossible to hit our destination without an overnight stay; in spite of me climbing into the back to give Madi a bottle while in traffic only to have her throw it up all over her pajamas; and even though I dumped a bottle of ice water into my lap, the trip was a success!!
We got there on Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night, but it was just a gorgeous weekend.
Stephen's dad belongs to a fishing club at the Lake of the Ozarks and you can rent out the clubhouse so that's what we did!  With all of Stephen's family along, there was enough room and a t.v. to watch the Cardinals baseball games!  yeah!!
We did some fishing, grilling out, swimming (well, they did) and just hanging out enjoying some well deserved time off and time with family!
We really needed this little break and Madi got to spend some time with her cousins which is always great because we don't see them nearly enough and they're much older than her.  But, they got to play with her and she got to recognize their faces!
We stopped again in St. Louis on the way home to see some of my family at Imo's Pizza!  YUM!  It was great to just see my mom and brother for a minute and Madi's cousin that is only 4 months younger than her.  It was a great weekend!  Hope you had fun as well!  Man, Fall is on its way soon and it'll be the holidays!  Wow.  Time sure does fly...

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