Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Retro Mod Gotta Have: Books and stuff

This is a pretty long post, I suppose. I need to write more often and smaller. BUT, it IS National Coffee Day and it's cooler out so sip on your favorite brew and read along..

Just thought I'd mention again how much I love books. Because, I DO!
I'm looking forward to Madi's 1st birthday (yikes) and have already got a bunch of books lined up for the occasion so I thought I'd share the latest on our books love.

Madi loves touch and feel, which I've already told you about. But, we've recently entered the world of flaps. Yep! Little hand coordinating going on. She is getting really good at it. I suppose we started at around 8 or 9 months old. I will say that I had to start them for her at first, but eventually she has gotten the hang of it. There are a few that I have to help her with but even just today she got angry when I helped. So, the independence is shining through already! I'm adding 2 of our favorites at the end of this post.

Another cool thing is I bought some touch and feel flip cards for the shopping cart/stroller that I thought were just REALLY cool. They are by Eric Carle and I just saw some the other day at Babies R Us that are Paul Frank (funny monkey). Anyway, they are such a lifesaver while out. I also love the small hard board books I can get from anywhere by DK. These are so durable that I don't mind just letting her "have at them". Otherwise, I have to supervise or else she's really "digesting" what she is reading..

And, to go with the trips to the store is my favorite shopping cart/high chair cover. It doesn't look like a kid designed it and it's very durable. It washes up wonderfully and folds down into a great clutch. It's by Balboa Baby. I bought mine off of Amazon. You can get cheaper, but not nicer. Anyway, get one if you don't have one already!

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