Wednesday, August 4, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week 2010

Yep. This is it. Funny that I was told this by a single friend of mine. Who knew?

Apparently it is World Breastfeeding Week. Of course, you won't see too much pomp and circumstance and I understand. In a world run by mostly men, who would think?

Now, men. Don't run away just yet. I'm not going to yell at you and I'm not going to even discuss topics to gross you out, but I thought I should take a moment and reflect upon the week.

I never thought I'd breastfeed. Nobody in my family ever did and that was the last thing I wanted to think about. Only about 6 months before I became pregnant did the thought ever cross my mind that maybe I could try. "Try" being the phrase here. I really thought I'd try and see how it goes. Maybe only for like 4 months, 6 months MAX! Crazy as it is, almost 9 months later and I'm still here. Breastfeeding 5 times a day. Whoda thunk?

I can say that I really feel good about what I'm feeding my baby. I love knowing that she is getting the best nutrition out there. There really is nothing better. But, I also laugh when people talk about the "bonding" or the fact that it's the "most natural thing you can do". While I'm wrestling Madi to help her figure it out and keep her in place and there is NOTHING natural feeling about it. HA! But, yet I hung in there..

I can also say that I'm lucky. Lucky to have an apparently endless supply of milk. Lucky to have had a hospital with a stellar lactation department with folks ready and willing to help at any moment. All I have to do is call! Lucky to have a husband who helped and supported me along the way even through all the rough patches and soreness. Lucky to have a daughter who is a big eater.

If you are debating it, don't. Just say you'll try. That's all you can do. I had full intentions of having a natural childbirth and ended up with a c-sections. I fully attempted to breastfeed for a small bit and I'm still at it 9 months later. You don't know what you're capable of or what you're physically able to do. But, I think all you can do is try.

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