Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slow Saturdays

I just thought this was funny. Here is (part of) my breakfast. Yummy iced coffee. And, Madi's. Yummy kiwi.

Today we tried kiwi for the first time and she loves it! Yummy! So glad. It's amazing how much she is changing and we've been so busy that I just haven't gotten to write about it.

This morning, her Daddy got her to crawl 1/2 way across the kitchen to him. It's just amazing to me. She just was trucking right along. All excited! She did make some pitstops but it's awesome how every day she takes a few more steps.

We had to lower her bed yesterday. Yep. It's that time. It's now one notch lower. I hope it stays this way a little longer.

All this is basically just to say how fast time flies. She's getting so big. Even the other night, Stephen was like, "who is this kid?" Crawling around, dumping over her toys. It's amazing how fast they grow and all that they learn to do. I even took video of her the other day eating. I all of a sudden noticed her moving her mouth like she was chewing. Love it!

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