Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Little Rockstar

Taken with my new camera! Yeah!
I knew she'd love music. I love music. Her Daddy loves music. We work in music, we live in music. We eat, breathe and exude music. It just had to happen.
When I was pregnant, the studio was still in the house and she heard lots of it, I'm sure. When she was a newborn, she'd sleep through drum tracking. Madness, but we made it through and now she's starting to play some of her own.
We have two keyboards at the studio and about 1 month ago she realized how hard she'd have to hit to make it make noise. So, she would just bang along.. We had a great toy from a great friend that allowed her to make all kinds of music. Fully equipped with things to touch and lights to watch. She loves that!
Now, after cleaning out the upstairs we found Daddy's first keyboard. And now, it's Madi's! It is upstairs in a vacant room and every so often, we sneak away and she gets to play. She loves every minute of it and this one is on the floor where she can really get at it.
The other day while at the studio, she started singing while playing. To where she paused and looked around at everyone, like, "Come on! Get to singing!" I was waiting for her to yell, "everybody!"
Stephen just looked at me and said, "We're in trouble". Yep. We're in trouble. Do we have a future rockstar on our hands? Will Stephen be making a Madison record in the future? Or will she just be a music mogul at age 7? Who knows. Stay tuned for the latest right here!!

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