Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Monday: Fundamental Elements, "This Moment EP"

Original artwork by frontman Russ Mohr
Yes, I know these boys. Yes, they're from my hometown of St. Louis, MO. And, yes their music is recorded here and produced by Stephen. All that out of the way, I promise that though it may seem a biased opinion, it isn't.

Stephen and I have known these boys for a few years now and love them. Love them as guys, friends, musicians and artists. They are all so creative and genuine and really have a passion for what they do. I have put off talking about their latest EP because I feel I'm always talking about them. But, when listening the other day I thought, I HAVE to tell you all about it.

These guys consider themselves "100% Original blue-eyed soul". They have a soulful pop/rock vibe with the occasional trumpet sound or rap solo, so look out! This EP is called, "This Moment". The first song is of course the title track and has a great groove to it with a haunting keyboard rhythm that mimics a ticking clock. You'll dance to songs like this and "Superman". Or, at least Madi and I do. There are a couple slower grooves with "How Do You Maintain" which discusses working hard for an image and "You're Not Alone" which is a classic R&B ballad.

I have to say that my favorite song on the EP is "Standing in the Shadows". But, let me tell you my hesitance. When I first heard this song I thought it was cool because the melodies switch up a bit and at times it is like several tunes put together (re: Queen). But, it was when I listened to the lyrics that this tune jumped HIGH above the rest. It's a song to be the voice of those overlooked. "I am me, I am you. I am many, known by few. Seldom seen, seldom cared, Seldom mentioned in your prayers". All the lyrics pierce the heart and they should! "Standing in the shadows 'cause I don't have a name, cause you can't see we're all the same". "Standing in the shadows 'cause I don't have a voice. But you can't hear above the noise". They speak of the "nameless, loveless, voiceless, fatherless, motherless, defenseless, helpless and hopeless". It not only would make a great anthem for a charity but should also get the same attention in our lives. It should move you. Move you to action, volunteering and maybe tears.

I truly hope that you'll take the time to give this a listen. The boys are also involved in Mocha Club and were recently featured on their album, "A Very Mocha Christmas" where they performed the coolest version of "That Spirit of Christmas" by Ray Charles EVER! And they are involved with other charity events including Michael W. Smith's "Come Together Now" for Haiti.

Check their site for more info: FE

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