Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Got Biscuit?

Madison has always been a teeny one. (well, after she was born at 9 lbs.) This is the second time we have had to do a checkup on her weight. So, like last time, we discussed all sorts of ways to up her calorie intake.
I've added extra cereal, more veggies and all kinds of fruit. I am going to get to the meats but since I'm making all of her food, I haven't gotten to it yet. But, I will!
We also discussed snacks. I've noticed all the cool kids have these organic puffs and so I asked about them. She said those would be great, or teething biscuits, etc. Anything to add extra calories. Okay, so on the search for the right thing I went! I bought some Organic Oat Cereal (like Cheerios) and some puffs. When I arrived home I was all excited and pulled them all out.
Apparently, the puffs have 25 calories and like 10 to 20% of all these great vitamins. Then, I thought to look at the serving size. 75 pieces!!! What? Like she's ever going to eat that many. Great. Well, that seems like a waste of energy to me.
The next time I was out I looked at teething biscuits. Someone had suggested them but I had horrible images of these insane cookies I used to feed my baby brother. brown, gooey and nasty. Well, these had 45 calories in 1 cookie. So, even if she had 1/2 a cookie, she had 25. Instead of the .4 she'd have with the puffs. And, after buying them and tasting them, they're actually good. Sort of like a plain butter cookie you'd dunk in your tea. Don't worry, I won't be dunking soon. Madi LOVED it. And, it gave her something to work that tooth on. It definitely kept her quiet for a bit so I could clean up the kitchen before then cleaning her up.
Anyway, don't be afraid of the old fashioned. Don't be afraid of the mess (though I will say that when it dries, it's crumbly not sticky). And, don't be afraid of your mom saying, "I told you so."

*Note that these contain wheat so do the 3 or 4 day rule when trying something new with your little one*
**Also, when posting this link, I noticed online you could order Barley! Yeah!**


  1. Lori, they were always trying to find ways to fatten me up too. Unfortunately it was the early 80s and their way of doing it was to give me heavy syrup fruit cups :)

  2. Ha! That is actually more disgusting than my memory of the biscuit. Yuck!


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