Monday, August 16, 2010

From the East Side: Bagel Face Bakery

Yum, yum yum!
What's that?  Did you close your eyes for a second?  Did you miss it?

Yep!  Something new is at Riverside Village.  As if pizza, chocolate, coffee, a sandwich and ice cream weren't enough...  Now there are new bagels in town.

I stopped in the other day and got a plain and a cinnamon raisin.  Just to test the waters.  They have cream cheese available so I added some of that (out at home).  I couldn't wait to get home, put Madi to bed and have my new yummy breakfast!  I have to say that these were no ordinary bagels.  They are much more light and crisp than I had expected.  The inside is light and airy and the outside crust is just so dang flaky!  It was really great and without any real chewiness.

Now, the biggest surprise to my taste buds was the salt dusted along the outside.  Yum-my..  And maybe I'm a bagel novice, I've just never had them like that.  The cool thing was that my hubby was at a coffee shop that morning and had one of their bagels (the everything) and came home shortly after raving about how great it was!

So, let me tell you more about them.  First of all, the website has TONS of info on there.  From allergy stuff, ingredient lists, menus and contact info for orders (which I know you'll be doing for that all important staff meeting or ladies brunch at church).  Also, know that they have special bagels with the seasons and for whenever they get the itch.  Check the site for hours (click on photo for site).  There is NOT indoor seating but the garden is right next door with lots of seating.  Check with them on where the bagels are located around town so you can get it toasted etc. while out!  I know that Ugly Mugs carries them!

Hope this helps only to broaden your East Nashville love.

Check it out here (and see new location):
Bagel Face Bakery on Urbanspoon

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