Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Touch and Feel Rocks..

Not rocks but books..

So, I've been reading to Madi since she was born. Not kidding. Stephen actually read the bible to her in the hospital. We LOVE kids books. I'm buying them always even if they're too big for her. We registered for more of them than anything else and MANY friends gave us MANY books (thanks Jenn and Jamie).

I have to say that I started with simple board books. It reached a point where Madi started cramming them in her mouth and chewing. I could handle it except she'd cry if I'd try to keep reading. So, we ended book reading for a moment..
About 2 months ago, I thought I'd try some touch and feel books. I had received some from a friend in St. Louis (Thanks to the Browns) and thought, you know, I should pull out her others and try these. They are interactive and fun. It's amazing to me to see how excited Madi gets.

As I open the page she goes right to the part to touch. And, when she is done, she throws her hands back and does her little snort laugh (just breathing out her crinkled nose). Then, we turn the page and move on. I love that she knows where the spot is. And, she laughs and loves it.

When I close the book, she looks down at the stack like, "Come on, Momma!" It's awesome.

Check out the "Currently Reading" column for some of our favorites. And, there is always Dr. Seuss!

Sadly, she is still too rough on the "Pat the Bunny".

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