Friday, July 16, 2010

Play Mat anyone?

This has been a nutty, busy week. Madi has a tooth that is just about making an appearance, but not quite. So, we've had some tantrums, so rough times. But, she's also had some great times. Like ALL DAY yesterday! Perfect child!

I wanted to tell you about a play mat that I bought. I was debating the idea a few weeks ago. We have all hardwoods and she's getting up on all fours and rocking right now. I usually put down a blanket, but she's hit the ground HARD a couple of times. I know she'll continue to face plant, but it wouldn't hurt to have some padding..

I found this one on And, it really works perfectly. You can piece it together however you'd like. At max, it's about 4' x 4'. I have it at 3' by 3' for right now. And, I can break off a row, stack it on top and it slides right under the bed.

She plays with everything on this now. She still isn't so stable sitting up and I always put the boppy behind her but I really think this is a great option for us. It's movable and you can change the size for whatever you're doing. It comes in a nice zipper bag that is in the closet with the remaining tiles.
Anyway, if you have no carpet and would like to invest in something for a little extra padding, I'd do it. I have to say that I preferred this design more than the boring primary tones and alphabet/number mats I had seen. But, to each his own!

Hope you have a great weekend. We'll be eating apples and bananas. What about you?

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