Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From the East Side: The Sweet Stash

So, "From the East Side" are posts about our quaint little part of the world. We love to eat out and take advantage of local things around town, so here is where you'll find all of the info..

Today I wanna talk about "The Sweet Stash". This gem bakes cupcakes galore and they do it at home! I am able to find them at the Nashville Farmer's Market and I found them a couple of months ago. I will tell you this, they only take cash! Sadly for us, the inside of the market was hit by the flood so the ATM machine is gone. I had to pass the first time I saw them glorious and sweet. But, I did get to indulge next time!

I can tell you that all the cupcakes we had were amazing. And, with a $2.25 price tag, they're not bad at all. They have to be the prettiest decorated cakes at that price in town! Each has a unique design. We had a banana peanut butter which comes with a buttercream frosting and a dried banana slice on top. YUM.. Then, we had a chocolate cheesecake. This was a chocolate cake with a creamy center. There were the fresh strawberry cakes which are made with local strawberries and topped with a strawberry decorated sugar cookie on top. These were so fresh and just sweet enough! Then there was the chocolate chocolate chip. This was very good, although not my favorite of them all. The cake was a little dry which was not true for the others.

If you haven't had them, come down and try them! Also, you can call them and order whatever you want and pick it up at the market. So cool for showers, birthdays, girls night or just "recovering from the flood, I need something sweet" days.

Check them out and tell me how yummy they make you feel..
See ya at the Market!
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