Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day with the Sitter

Well, she isn't exactly a "sitter" but a good friend. That's probably the best secret to our success! Madison stayed home yesterday while Mommy ventured out into the real world. Well, if the real world involves the top level of a building closed up with no a/c and making folks look good for their successful singing career. Then, yeah..

Our great friend Nicole watched Madison yesterday. Luckily, the first real try was a short afternoon. It did involve some feedings and a nap so everything was tested. She apparently did pretty well considering she is a big Momma's girl. She didn't eat her first bottle though, ugh. But, you can only expect small steps at a time, right?

It's just nice to leave and feel that your child is in hands that you trust completely. I told Stephen I must because I just yelled out a bunch of stuff, told her she could go anywhere and take Madi wherever, whenever. Then I actually left the house and didn't look back. Although I did tell the poor barista all about my nervousness. Ha. Like she cares?

All in all, it was a happy experience. Madi got to play with someone who adores children. And, I got to get my feet a little wet. And, I might even get to buy a new pair of shoes! (or iPhone, whatever)

DISCLAIMER: Our friend Kelley was actually the first non-family sitter. Of course, we went out late and Madi was in bed. This does not reflect our feelings about Kelley in anyway. We just wanted to go to a late movie. But, I think Kelley holds a tiny grudge anyway.. WE love you Kelley!!!


  1. beware the iPhone. Come to Designer Renaissance instead!

  2. Ha Ha! You are awesome. There might be some money for that too.


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