Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy busy weekend!

So, I know it's Tuesday but our guests just left so it feels like Monday. Ha.
We had a jam packed weekend and Madi did lots of growing. We even had time to go to the Frist Center and view the "Golden Age of Couture" show. It was awesome! Definitely check it out if in Nashville. It's worth the $10!

1st of all, we were eating bananas this weekend. We also started Oat Cereal and we're doing it all twice a day. Let me just say that Madi eats whatever I give her. No looks, frowns, furrowing of the brow. Until the bananas. Don't know what it is. At one point she acted as if she had a fur ball. Just nuts!! But, she is such a big girl. We are working on her keeping her hands out of her mouth while eating. Well, mostly just her thumb.. But, she knows what I'm saying and takes it out. She'll get it soon enough. It's my fault for letting it go on this long.

Also, we went out to eat and she sat in the high chair with her new high chair cover. This was my goal for awhile to help with our outings. She did really great. Cried for 30 seconds. Then, was like, "this is cool". She made it and I got to eat in peace. (Well, if you consider taking photos, video, playing goalie for all toys and keeping her from biting the table "peace". But, whatever...)

She's slowly starting to push herself towards you as well. Not quite crawling, but we're heading in that direction.

It just seems that there haven't been too many changes for months. Now, all at once. So crazy.

Don't worry. No teeth yet. There is a white bump just waiting for the right moment I guess. Ugh..

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