Monday, June 28, 2010

1st time Nursery hang

Well, for some I've waited way too long. And, for others, I'm jumping in too early. Who knows what is "supposed" to be the right time. But, I said, "Saturday, June 26, 2010? Why not?"

This Saturday I put Madison in the nursery at church for the first time. I've waited for many reasons. My husband and I work for the church so we sort of bounce around between all 4 services. So there was a lack of consistency and not for the nursery, but more Madison's schedule. One service is nap time, another is dinner, etc. Even adjusting her schedule they didn't all maximize dropping her off and dealing with it. Also, I was told it was flu season, keep her out, etc. But, Saturday night is during her awake time and she is so alert now at 7 1/2 months that she likes to chat while she quietly plays with toys. This has resulted in giggling through prayer time, or the best is her "growl" she does. Once she did this as I ran her out of the room with everyone giggling along. Not good. She's not being bad or fussy. Just happy but it's just not the place for her. Realizing this, I figure, it's time.

A lot about being a Mommy was a surprise to me. A lot of my feelings, thoughts and experiences were very skewed from how I originally thought it would be. And, leaving at the Nursery was the same way. I got all emotional about missing out on that fun hour of her life. When you have a baby, you instantly start documenting every last thing. The first time they grab your finger. The first time they poo, the first coo, everything! But, it's just one of millions of new experiences she'll have that I won't get to witness. **Secret: I did bring the camera, but I didn't use it! I'm not THAT mom..**

You'll all be happy to know that she handled 30 minutes like a champ! Sadly, she got worked up after another began crying. It's gonna happen. But, I think it was a good start. They weren't consoling her the whole time. She actually played. Thank heavens! Anyway, I hope this encourages you in your decision making. You definitely have to decide what's right for you. I'm a babywise, cry it out mom but I do believe what the Nursery head at our church told me, "if you know she's not ready, why put her through it?"

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