Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh How a Year Goes By

It has been a year already.  Samuel is 1 year old today.  I can't believe it's happening.  My baby is no longer a "baby".

 He came into this world pretty simply and has been pretty simple to deal with ever since.  He is so laid back and easy going MOST of the time.  I mean, he has his moments.  But, what a good, happy baby.

He is always laughing and now talking.  Of course we don't have any idea what is so funny or what he is saying but he is busy doing it anyway.  He adores his big sister and of course thinks anything she says is hilarious.  Even when it's not.

He completes our family in a way I didn't think could happen.  He is full of love and snuggles all the time and I am so grateful for that.  He is always curious and always busy.  He doesn't sit in one place for very long.  No sir.  He has important things to do.  He plays with anything.  Doesn't have to be a toy, in fact, he'd prefer it not be.  He loves knit things as much as I do and likes to do things on his own without help.  He gets incredibly frustrated with himself when he can't figure something out (again like me) and he'd just rather not do it then.

He has a sweet tooth like his dad (none).  He'd rather Cheerios to strawberries.  He'd rather cake to icing.  He does love frozen custard and toasted ravioli so he will be allowed back into our hometown with ease.

He is a boy.  Full on.  He loves me and I love him more than I thought I could.  Never thought I'd enjoy raising a stinky boy.  But I do.  I love everything about it.  Him, his laugh, his smile, his teeth, his cry, his playing, his talking, his dancing (boy does he love to dance).  Everything.  He is my love and I'm so proud of him already.

Happy Birthday Samuel.  We are so glad you came to us.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Slow down my heart

Lazy mornings. Playing outside. Grilling good food. Watching baseball. Blowing bubbles. Planting herbs. All these things and more are reminding me to slow down and look around. I've felt a lot of stress lately. I say there is no reason because I have nothing important to do. Like a work deadline. Important meeting to prepare for. People waiting for me to do something. Making some huge decision affecting others lives. You know "important stuff" that normal people stress about every day. I have none of that so I should just chill right?  

Of course I do have two little lives that demand my attention 24/7 and rely on me for all their daily needs. Every decision I make affects every aspect of their current and possibly future lives. I have to plan menus and shopping trips. Maintain vehicle maintenance on both cars and fix most things that break in the house and around it on a daily basis. No important stress right?  Ha. 

But the reality is I can do this!  I need to occasionally reorganize how I manage and deal with the demands. I have to worry about writing blogs and finally trying to write a serious one while my daughter constantly interrupts to tell me about her current adventure with Flynn Ryder and the fishies in the creek!  That never happens!  (Hint:  it's happening NOW)

I love my life. I don't regret anything. But sometimes I find myself overwhelmed. This happens for several reasons every time. 1- I'm not talking to God about it. Or them. Yep. Easy enough. I need his help. I should ask his help. I have a lot of responsibility and let's face the truth:  I don't want to screw it up for any of us!  2-  I'm not spending real time with my babies because I'm focusing too much on tasks and chores. Yep. I get in my own way most of the time. 3-  I'm not taking care of myself. Seriously not eating right or sleeping well or working out. Nothing. I say this is because I don't have time and must put them first. The truth is it's just easier. Until I find myself in a fuzzy tunnel of madness. 

So these days I'm trying to eat better. Sam might be a bit fussy because I'm not feeding him at this second but he will have to wait patiently. I'm taking tasks one at a time. For now that is gonna be me creating a list and choosing one extra something to be done a week. "Extra" as in not normal household chores. I've been focusing for a bit on this as a daily thing. That's not gonna happen. I'm being there for my babies. This means putting my phone down a lot more than I already do. And trying to see the ways my daughter is exactly like me. Then I can see why she is behaving like she is. Oh and breathing.   For times when it gets too much I have essential oils to calm me down. Ha. 

I don't want to miss them. Sam is almost a year!  Wow!  
Life goes by too fast for stress. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Dancing Queen

The other day we had Madison's final dance class of the year.  Insane how cute this is.  It's similar to watching little league ball.  You know where you find yourself yelling "run!  you hit the ball!  You run to the base!  Don't stop!"  Just the simple things except here, you're thinking "um, not one person is skipping".  It's awesome.

But, they're learning the basics.  Positions, pointing and flexing toes, raising arms, leaping, following others, it's all necessary and good to practice now in the hopes it'll just be part of the future dancer they'll become.  That is if they stick with it.

 Madison is an individual, let me tell you.  I'm discovering so much.  I think because I have actor, dancer, film, stage on my resume, everyone assumes that Madison gets her unique personality from me.  She might, but it's not like I'm a stage mom pushing her on to entertain.  AND, so far there are some huge differences.  The biggest is what I see in dance.  I was (and still am) a people pleaser.  I've always approached my live performance stuff as performing.  Meaning I do what I'm supposed to do to the best of my ability to impress or take this chance to show what I can do.  If I'm supposed to be "on", I'm on.  100%.  Madison sees the camera (or audience) and takes the chance to make a joke.  "oops!  I fell!"  That sort of thing.  That sadly would've devastated a 4 year old me.  She wants to make sure in all things that she is getting a laugh.  I was a performer.  She seems to think she's a comedienne.

Another difference is her individuality.  Like in the picture below.  She refuses to dance with a scarf.  She used to love it.  I think she had some trouble getting the color she wanted, maybe doesn't like the manual labor of folding it before returning, I don't know.  Either way, she chooses not to use one.  For over a year now.  She refuses.  Doesn't care.  Has no reason except "because I don't want to" and she moves on with her life.  We are blessed that her teacher doesn't care.  Somewhere inside I'm mortified.  But, I'm learning to just go with it.  It's her world.

Heaven help us.  We will need it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lazy Saturday (um, not really)

So how do your weekends look?  Mine anymore look like this, BUSY!  It's crazy how much I seem  to pile on but there is a lot I can get done.  I'll be honest with you, I do this most any day because we really aren't on a "work week" schedule around here.  We are free to do whatever we choose most days.  I honestly think it's just that we don't usually run around on Saturdays.  Most weekends we are at home except for church.

 This week, I made bread, granola and hummus.  I stocked up on a lot of Sam's food.  This of course happens usually every few days anyway.  When we are low, we are low.  He's a big eater.  Madi and I cleaned up her room.  This was really a mess (closets, boxes, toys everywhere).  Mostly just organize her stuff.  It's amazing what can be in the box where the My Little Ponies go.  Then she wonders why she can't find these little items she's looking for, right?

I did a bunch of laundry which is pretty much an every day occurrence.  I think I did so much that I just couldn't take a nap either.  This would've been nice on a Saturday but no.  I kept working.  I've got stuff to do, make and research.  I keep making dishcloths right now.  I've been bored with mine.  I've had them for a few years now and they're looking rough.  So, I'm making more.

It was actually nice to feel like I did a lot.  Nice way to sleep too.  Ended with a movie night with Madison.  The Little Mermaid and some popcorn even.

What do you usually spend your Saturdays doing?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flea Market Saturday

Finally!  It's Flea Market Season.  Well, technically it's always flea market season.  BUT, in order for me to go with the kids the weather needs to be nice.  So, flea market season has begun!!!

It was so nice today and there were tons of great vendors.  Which is good because I've gotta tell you, I have a huge list right now.  I didn't find some of the bigger more important things this time around but I'm always saying my walls are bare so these mirrors will be great somewhere.  I'll post later where I put them but for now, they'll stay the color they are.  I have ideas of a few rooms that haven't been painted so I may or may not change the color.  We shall see.  I don't love the round loop things on the small one so I'll probably remove it.  Just can't decide if a hook would be fun or nothing.  Again, we will see.

The chairs are gonna be awesome.  You can always use chairs, right?  So, I'm gonna use it for something.  I'm going to paint them and replace the seats.  I'll probably put one in Madi's room which is lacking furniture and has no seating.  OR, the dining room (which will soon be my "sitting room").  Again, we shall see but that's the joy of looking and buying.

Altogether for $30.  Not too bad.

I have other projects sitting around the house so stay tuned.  As the weather gets warmer, I'll be heading out to repair and paint.  I have a pretty big list right now though so bear with me.

Hey, if you went out digging this weekend too, share some pics of your finds below.  I'd love to see them.  It's always inspiring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crawl much?

We have passed another milestone around here. Sam has started crawling. First to me. Then to Sis. Then to toys. Then everywhere. It's amazing how far he can get in a short time.

He has also started saying "Dada". It's a bit broken and we aren't real sure he means it. But I know he's saying it because sometimes when I ask him to say it he will. He's been making sounds like it for a bit but you'd ask him to say it and he'd look at you like "what?"  

This came about after he started clapping. He finished nursing one day sat up and clapped. I said "yay!" and clapped along. He repeated. Well he doesn't really say "yay" but he sings a sound while clapping. Sounds about the same. Awesome. Since then he did it every time we did it to him. His first bit of communicating. Suddenly he seems to completely understand everything that is being said and what we are asking. I asked where Grandpa was the other night and he picked up his photo album (where he is on the front page) opened the book and started hitting it on the table. Now I'm not sure he meant any ill will to Grandpa. But I know he knows what I'm saying. 

Oh!  He's siting in high chairs and carts too. Ugh. 

I thought of this this morning. So proud of him for crawling. So glad he can move and won't get so angry so fast on the floor all the time. So proud that he figured it out. And that he's moving on. So sad that this is the beginning of the end of baby. Ugh. Poor baby. They grow up so fast and I was truly hoping to treasure this one. Bam!  Better get going. Ha. It's amazing how proud we can be of our kids even when it means they will leave or not need us anymore. Life is a buster. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Handmade Love

I love getting the chance to make folks gifts whenever I can. My problem is that most of the time I think to do it too late. I'm still new to sewing but before knitting was my only option for that. You can imagine thinking at the last minute "oh I should've made a blanket". See those things take a while. That's what I'm learning to love about sewing.

It seems that I can get the few things done pretty quick that I'm wanting to make for folks. So I can still knit something when I have time but if I run out I can always sew. 

I'll be honest I don't know if the folks want or need these things but they are things that I wanted and made so I'm making them for others as well. Hopefully they find them as useful as I do. 

I made some burp cloths with Sam and they are still my favorites. I've barely used any of the stacks I had left from Madi. Man!  With her reflux I truly wish I had these forever ago. I would have gone through all of them with Madi. She was always in need and these are much more absorbent then all the ones I had for her. Poor thing. So for a baby girl coming soon I decided to make some. It was fun to actually look at girl fabrics. Ha. 

I think they turned out great. I'm still new to this and I fell in love with the flannel. That was that. It was perfect for the room, the friend. Perfect. Of course I almost killed someone trying to find a cotton for the blanket. It still isn't perfect but I think it works ok. I love the fabrics alone just wasn't sure about combining them. Oh well. I will keep trying. 

Then I have a wedding. Today actually. I wanted to give them some dishcloths. There are several reasons. 
1- I think they are a great wedding gift. 
2- The couple have been living on their own for a bit and the registry wasn't super exciting to me. 
3- These dishcloths are awesome. They work amazing and last forever. 
4- The couple are artists and I know would appreciate such things. 
5-  Why not?

Don't panic. We already gave them a gift card at the shower. This is in addition to that. And how do you do that?  Used to you brought gifts to the wedding. Now they seem to arrive at the reception (this coming from years of me taking them to the wedding and carrying them around until the reception. Ugh.). When did this happen?  Oh well. 

I am also using a handmade card. Granted I didn't actually make this for them. But I have so many around from my store and events that I'm always grabbing one for whatever party we are attending. 
It's cute too. 

Anyway, it's been fun and I'm proud of how everything turned out. Now to get ready. As Madi says "Bring on the cake!"
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